Thursday, May 7, 2015

Shadow Spinner: Collection 1: Tiberius (Parts 1-5)

Shadow Spinner: Collection 1: Tiberius (Parts 1-5)
By Andrew Leon & Bryan Peddas

I'm not big into serials but this was free so what the heck. When something is free I suppose you can say you got your money's worth no matter what. Really all this does is introduce Tiberius and his superpower of controlling shadows. It's much too short to really get into it, which is the problem of serials. Then there's another story by another author that's set in the "House on the Corner" universe. It would be OK except it goes on and on and on until it's many times longer than what's supposed to be the main attraction, eclipsing it. If you're going to have the story be that long, why not serialize it with the other serial?

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